Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Is Flickr Gay?

Last night I was messing around with Flickr adding some pictures of JD to my account. When I remembered something I had read yesterday about the Circle squared group.

So off in search of this group I went, after finding it and having a look thought the pics which are quite good.

Eventually flickr with it's help full hint suggested why don't you try searching for pictures tagged with Fetish. The huge porn gathering monster in my could not resits the urge to click on the link.

Only to be presented with 346 images across 18 pages of which about 20 where very blurry picks of some people at some sort of leather event (well out side one standing in queue), and the other 300 images I hear you ask?

Men with shaved heads!, With some of the most bizarre comments I have ever read, I have seen many bizarre fetishes before (after all it was me who introduced my friends to the deviants dictionary(warning this site is most definitely adult no pics just text)) but watching people get there head shaved?

Yes that is Jake Gyllenhaa from the Day After Tomorrow. They seem to like him ;)

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GT said...

What does any of that have to do with being gay? A fetish is not a sexual orientation.