Thursday, February 17, 2005

CYMK (For Those Who Do RGB)

Since web geeks think in pixels and RGB, it?s a daunting new world to head into unequipped. Over the years across quite a few print jobs by now, I?ve had to learn by trial and error. As someone used to thinking in RGB, I?ve looked high and low for a good resource to turn to for help in converting that knowledge to CMYK. This may not be that resource, but I figure I?ve amassed at least the beginnings of a how-to on the subject. Consider it non-authoritative, but hopefully useful. Most of the knowledge contained within applies to Photoshop, mainly because I?ve had the most trouble with it.

An indepth peace on RGB and its relationship to CYMK, a good explanation of why what you see on screen is not what you get out of your printer.

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