Saturday, February 26, 2005

PodCasting & Odeo

I don't know how you could miss this one it seams to be every where, Evan Williams, Co-founded and CEO'ed Pyra Labs, the creators of Blogger, in 1999, before going to Google (with Blogger) in 2003.

Has started a new site ODEO which is hopeing to take and advantage of all the interest in Podcasting, to try and make a viable business.

Odeo plans to base its business on the premise that the explosion of digital audio content has created the need for a central place to find relevant material and that there will also be a need for a market to buy and sell "premium" content in much the style of the eBay online marketplace.

Odeo, noting that advertising is already an accepted component of conventional radio, also plans to embed automatically generated audio ads within the downloadable files. And because the files are specifically chosen by the consumer, the company is also hoping that consumers and advertisers might find one another as readily as through the keyword Web search advertisements that are at the heart of Google's and Yahoo's businesses.

Let's see if they can make a go of it, really I "don't do podcasts" at the moment, every one I have had this miss fortune to listen too has been some geeky American kid talking about out of date news revolving around the blogsphere, "so and so said this and he did that to him, who did this."

Like all things internet related it will live and die by the content, they are already in a good position to get the word out, an article in the new York times will get you some attention, but attention, a business does not make.

I wish them luck, lets just see how successfully they are.

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