Thursday, February 24, 2005

What Is HotMail Upto.

It seams no matter what time of day I log into hotmail it's always to busy, I can not do anything.

Me thinks something is afoot, after all they have once tried to get me to change my email address over to a UK one and yesterday I got an email saying if I was new customer I would no longer be able to use outlook to check my hotmail unless I paid for it, But because I already have Hotmail I can carry on.

Now I have had my hotmail account since 97 maybe even 95, To even think of the amount of web sites I would have to go round and change my email address on is quite frightening.

This has been going on for 2 weeks now and there is no way to get intouch with hotmail any more. At least none that don't involve selling a Kidney. Is the service crap for every one or just me?

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Anonymous said...

I think Hotmail is crap!
For the last mont or so.....each time I receive an e-mail and respond to it by hitting the 'Reply' button nothing happens and I get a message at the bottom informing me that there is an error on the page! I then have to sign out and sign in again and then try again....sometimes I have to repeat this several times before I can send a message!