Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Fed up with Windows explorer? Well now there is Explorer XP with some added features that could make all the difference to managing your files.

Features include,

Tabbed interface - all your windows (open folders) will appear inside a single ExplorerXP application. The tab bar provides a quick access to all open windows

Easy access to My Computer, Recycle Bin , My Documents & Desktop

Drag & Drop with Explorer, the tab bar and special folders on the main toolbar.

Multy rename tool - allows to rename multiple files in one step.

Displays folder size information and the real size of compressed files & folders.

Merge / Split Tools.

Advanced copy/move.

Unicode support.

USB devices support.

Clean - recursively removes files that match given list of extentions or wildcards.

Groups - A group is a collection of folders, which users are able to access quickly or drag & drop files to them.

Configurable keyboard shortcuts.

I have just started using it, I have to say it loads a lot faster than the original and the killer feature for me has to be the ability to see how much is in a folder at a glance as most of my work is done with lots of little files and it's hand to see how much they add up to with out having to highlight them all and go to properties and then wait 20 min while it adds them all up. (Yes I know there was not one fullstop in all of that, but like the excited kid this product makes me. I said that with one breath.)

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