Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Apple To Add Bluetooth To iPods

In an interview with Radio France, Nedelcou let it slip that consumers will soon be able to broadcast music wirelessly from their iPod through their car speakers. Similarly, he said that users will be able to answer incoming phone calls without having to operate their mobile phone handset.

Both tips apparently reference an upcoming device for automobiles, which will include a dock or 'pod' that will allow both an iPod with Bluetooth and a mobile phone device to communicate with car stereos. It's unclear if the device is Apple or Motorola-based.

Cool maybe by the time I manage to get one of Free iPods UK, this might come as standard.

Also I am sure this will open up the option of the much talked about broadcasting over Bluetooth and letting other's listen in to what's playing on your iPod and even record it as well.

As soon as Bluetooth Ipods hit the shops you can start searching the net for home made patches to enable this feature.

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