Monday, February 28, 2005

Millionaire John Gilmore

Some of you will know about his recent refusal to show ID at a US airport, and was subsequently denied access to the flight.

SAN FRANCISCO -- John Gilmore's splendid isolation began July 4, 2002, when, with defiance aforethought, he strolled to the Southwest Airlines counter at Oakland Airport and presented his ticket.

The gate agent asked for his ID.

Gilmore asked her why.

It is the law, she said.

Gilmore asked to see the law.

Nobody could produce a copy. To date, nobody has. The regulation that mandates ID at airports is "Sensitive Security Information." The law, as it turns out, is unavailable for inspection.

What started out as a weekend trip to Washington became a crawl through the courts in search of an answer to Gilmore's question: Why?

Now I have read lots of comment's like this, in which he accused of having a plain turned round, when he did not even get on the flight.

He has raised, what if he live in the UK would be an important point. Why are people slaggin him off?

The only answer can be because he is rich, after all if he was poor and was taking on the government you would all love him, but because he is rich he is painted as being some rich guy playing with the government because he can.

This view is total unfair, after all why should you have id to fly with in the internal boarders of your own country? You can not fly in the UK without your passport?

Why, ok so you are going from Scotland to England or something like that, but the UK is so small it's not worth flying round.

America how ever is different storey, Its 50 times bigger. I think he should be supported in his actions to take the government to task. After all if we just let are government's push though laws and keep them secret from us what's next?

People being random dragged of the street for crimes they have committed but can not be told what they are?

O hang on we already have them, they are terror charges based on secret evidence.

Edit here is the link to John Gillmore's account of being thrown off the plain

I have say after reading it, the BA crew where most stupid for thinking that security had made him wear it, to identify him as a suspect terrorist. It's a lot of fuse over nothing if you ask me.

Altought I am surprised they let him on the plain with such a dangerous weapon as a pin. If you ask me it's all very stupid and the sooner we can have some common sense on the whole issue the better.

Thanks to Seth Finkelstein for the link.


Seth Finkelstein said...

Thanks for the link. But there's different incidents. In one case, he got on the plane, and it got turned around over his "political statement". The lawsuit here refers to another incident.

Wes said...

I have looked all round the net but other than people comenting on it i can find now actual news coverage of this.

dont supose you have a link to an article so i can correct the peace.

Seth Finkelstein said...

There was no news coverage since it wasn't "news". Just ... well, I got in trouble over my comments, so I'll refrain. Here's a URL with the story: