Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bush "I Like My Men Shaved"

Over on Rigorous Intuition Jeff Wells, has noticed that US president Bush seems to have a fetish for shaven headed men. He can not keep his hands off them, the pic above is just one example.

Now Spooked said...

There is absolutely NOTHING homoerotic about what Bush is doing in those pictures!

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

(btw, Jeff, James Wolcott linked to you on this post)

His Site

Over on the comments section but I beg to differ I am sure you will all remmember my most insitefull skit about flick "Is Flickr gay?". Which pointed out that if you search for fetish on Flickr you get lots of shave headed men all put there by this Flickr User.

Infact this is the first pick in the collection,

As you can see bald heads is most defiantly some sort of gay fetish, does that mean Bush is gay? Who know's other than Bush, maybe Shaven Headed, Gay Porn Escort, Jeff Gannon can ask him, next time he is in the white house press room?

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