Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ok, So I have been seeing this one all over the place but not expecting a kid resisted clicking on it till to day, After all Sundays are always slow on the Blog's.

The site is trying to sell you a Baby name book, but has hidden wondrous gems for you to play with. There is huge graph with how popular names are, it's a site to be seen.

So, what's the 1st thing we all do on these things we put are own names in, Now having lived with my name all my life I know how unpopular it is.

Although it could have been worse as my dad wanted to name me after his dad, being the 1st born grandchild. My dad being the eldest of four, so what bullet did I dodge I here you say.

I would hardly call it dodging, I would not even call it stepping out of the way, It's more a lean to the side.

Lesley, yes that's right my dad wanted to call me what would now be considered a girls name, luckily my mum put her foot down and I ended up with the compromise name, Wesley.

Now using the baby name graph you can see that, the most popular Wesley has ever been is 101st. In 1980 the year I was born coincidence I think not, in 2003 it was 185th.

Altough since working in a school I have meet four kids with it, which is most unsettling all you popular named people may be used to walking round and hearing your name being called after all it could be for any one.

But there was only one of me, now every time some dam kid says my name I end up looking out of force of habit. I ban you all from naming your kids Wesley or Westley.

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Unknown said...

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