Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bye Bye Flickr

Well to day is the day that Flickr cuts its nose off to spit its face.

Dear Old Skool Account-Holding Flickr Member, On March 15th we'll be discontinuing the old email-based Flickr sign in system. From that point on, everyone will have to use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr.

We're making this change now to simplify the sign in process in advance of several large projects launching this year, but some Flickr features and tools already require Yahoo! IDs for sign in -- like the mobile site at or the new Yahoo! Go program for mobiles, available at:

95% of your fellow Flickrites already use this system and their experience is just the same as yours is now, except they sign in on a different page. It's easy to switch: it takes about a minute if you already have a Yahoo! ID and about five minutes if you don't.

You can make the switch at any time in the next few months, from today till the 15th. (After that day, you'll be required to merge before you continue using your account.)

To switch, start at this page: Nothing else on your account or experience of Flickr changes: you can continue to have your FlickrMail and notifications sent to any email address at any domain and your screenname will remain the same. Complete details and answers to most common questions are available here:

Thanks for your patience and understanding - and even bigger thanks for your continued support of Flickr: if you're reading this, you've been around for a while and that means a lot to us!

Warmest regards, - The Flickreenos
We all knew that one day this might come but I refuse to belive that 95% of "Old Skool" user have switched to yahoo id's. Simple put the mottor of "Old Skoolers" is "over my dead body"

Yahoo is the worst of all the web companys, I have yahoo account and ever time I go to use it I have to reset my password even 3 hours later I can not log in. I have to request a new password, If you think I am doing that every time I login to Flickr your mistaken.

Never mind Yahoo's hidius Tos,

With respect to photos, graphics, audio or video you submit or make available for inclusion on publicly accessible areas of the Service other than Yahoo! Groups, the license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display such Content on the Service solely for the purpose for which such Content was submitted or made available. This license exists only for as long as you elect to continue to include such Content on the Service and will terminate at the time you remove or Yahoo! removes such Content from the Service.

So Yahoo now gets a license to my photos overriding/aside from any CC License I have set them to.

Never mind yahoo's long standing of profits over users.

I am not the only one effect by a long shot, and users like kosso with better skills are working to wards a new home, that is not rulled by yahoo.

Never mind the poor programming over at yahoo, why does the merger process take you to the yahoo home page?

If you want to get your pics out of Flickr then you could try Flickr backup. I have yet to try any method of gettign my pics out of Flickr, Tbh I dont have clue which ones I have and which ones where passed to me on cd and then uploaded and the CD binned, just cos I am like that.

There is also,

OK, so I have just knocked up a PHP5 script which, WITH SOME MORE WORK (on your part) will grab all your photos from flickr, should you want to move away from them.
From the afformentioned Kosso.

I have just sigend up for a zooomr account I think this is where most of the die hard "old Skool" flickr peeps will move to. I know as soon as I can get my pics off Flickr and a copy of my favs I will be moving I am having nothing to do with yahoo.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vista - Driver Signing Bypass

Vist is only just out in fact even befor it was out it was hacked and now the much hated DRM for Hi-Def dvd and Blue ray has been bypassed,

The great thing about the code I’ve written is that it does NOT use test signing mode and it does NOT load an unsigned driver into the system. Therefore, to any A/V application running, the system seems totally safe — when in fact, it’s not. Now, because I’m still booting with a special flag, it’s possible for Microsoft to patch the PMP and have it report that this flag is set, thereby disabling premium content. However, beause I already have kernel-mode code running at this point, I can disable this flag in memory, and PMP will never know that it was enabled. Again, Microsoft could fight this by caching the value, or obfuscating it somewhere inside PMP’s kernel-mode code, but as long as it’s in kernel-mode, and I’ve got code in kernel-mode, I can patch it.

Go alex ionescu as long as some out there at M$ can think of a way to brake our pc's someone else can think of a way to fix them again.

To Eat Or Not To Eat?

Personally I don't really eat first thing in the morning I am more of a night guy my self, I have never bothered with breakfast, but I am sure some of you eat breakfast so you might just find this usefull.

Everyone tells us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that it should be a substantial meal. Yet, some people awaken not feeling hungry and have no desire to wolf down bowls of stodgy cereal and plates of dry toast. For such people, breakfast is more easily skipped until they feel their stomach has "woken up" later in the day. Whatever your reason, the breakfast supporters do have a point - breakfast fuels us for the day.
If you want to read the full seven tips to starting your day right click.

Four FUTURAMA Movies Going to DVD

“I was frustrated when it got cancelled, but Fox, 20th Television is the one who came back and said, ‘Would you like to do a DVD movie?’” Groening recalled. We said, ‘Let’s do two’ and they said, ‘Well, why not three?’ and we said, ‘Well, why not four?’ and they said, ‘Okay, four’ and then that’s it.”
How cool is that, never mind 4 movies! But Futurama is all so comeing back to TV,

FUTURAMA, the TV series, has been picked up for more episodes, but not by Fox. Comedy Central will be airing new FUTURAMA episodes after the straight to DVD movies have been released. Expect many of these episodes to push the limits and be much more extreme because these new episodes will be appearing on Comedy Central.
If It's Movies

Bill Gates on the Daily Show

A Bit long and geeky for my liking but what the heck.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Google TV - the anti-EULA

Check this out, if your looking for a simple way to take the fight back to the big guys.

Vista- The Death Of Freedom

Well all in all its a bad week for us all,

In the US, France and a few other countries it is already forbidden to play legally purchased music or videos using GNU/Linux media players. Sounds like sci-fi? Unfortunately not. And it won’t end up on multimedia only. Welcome to the the new era of DRM!
Thou I am sure it's probley been that why for a while now, but like all things we find out when its to late to do any thing about it.

If you want to know more on why Vist and its DRM crippl wear is bad for you, you can read the full thing here.

BRUSSELS (Reuters)—A coalition of rivals charged on Friday that Microsoft Corp.'s new Vista operating system coming out next week will perpetuate practices found illegal in the European Union nearly three years ago.
Yay we fine them millions and guess what they still do stuff that makes them even more millions and gets them a fine of millions, but lets face it 450 milion is nothing to the worlds richest man, mabye we need to start upping the fines so that they are stupid money can any one say 450 billion?

On the good news frount, we can fight back..

The overwhelmingly successful attack against HD DVD and Blu-ray represents several well-entrenched facets of the online community. Perhaps most important is the inherent cooperation that manifests itself against a seemingly common enemy - DRM (Digital Rights Management.) Attached to this cooperation are the vast resources of the online community: primarily its virtually unlimited supply of talent, intellect, and most importantly, its rapid response to a commonly perceived threat.
But lets face it thats not an option for all of us, most people dont even know how to set the timer on their VCR never mind crack DRM.

A month after the first signs appeared online that AACS—the content protection scheme shared by HD DVD and Blu-ray—had been circumvented, the AACS Licensing Authority has verified the hack. According to a statement from the AACS LA, AACS has not been seriously compromised. Instead, the statement said, the attack is "limited to the compromise of specific implementations" and "indicate[s] an attack on one or more players sold by AACS licensees."
Of course the DRM criple where side has to say "sticks and stones will brake my bones but your nasty circumventions wont stop us from braking your pc :P" Dont you just love them, not.

So stop sitting their on your fat arse and go use, to tell your MP you dont want to live in M$ vission of DRM Crippled world.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Record Labels Contemplate Unrestricted Digital Music

CANNES, France, Jan. 22 — As even digital music revenue growth falters because of rampant file-sharing by consumers, the major record labels are moving closer to releasing music on the Internet with no copying restrictions — a step they once vowed never to take.

Executives of several technology companies meeting here at Midem, the annual global trade fair for the music industry, said over the weekend that at least one of the four major record companies could move toward the sale of unrestricted digital files in the MP3 format within months.

Will the people win out, will we get DRM free files, who knows only time will tell, but why dont you wright to them and tell them that, thats what you want.

Testers Wanted - Nintendo Virtual Reality

LOL, thou a bit amateurish far better than anything I could ever do.

Monday, January 22, 2007

What's the "Scroll Lock" key on my computer for?

To be honest I did not have a clue my self, and I have been using computers since I was 12.

The main intent of the Scroll Lock key was to allow scrolling of screen text up, down and presumably sideways using the arrow keys in the days before large displays and graphical scroll bars. You can see where this might have been handy in the DOS era, when screen output typically was limited to 80 characters wide by 25 rows deep. For some types of programs, spreadsheets being the obvious example, it's still handy now. In Microsoft Excel, Scroll Lock allows you to scroll a spreadsheet with the arrow keys without moving the active cell pointer from the currently highlighted cell. In Quattro Pro, another spreadsheet program, Scroll Lock works in a similar manner, although in contrast to Excel it's not possible to scroll the active cell pointer completely off the screen.

Read on....

A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope

Reconsidering Star Wars IV in the light of I-III

Is Great what if? Look at Starwars, personally if only half of it where right then it would make Starwars a lot more interesting.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Privately, Hollywood admits DRM isn't about piracy

God when will take control of our own governments and kick out the corrupt representatives who accept the cash of big business to change our laws for the benefit of big business over the benefit of the people.

Hollywood Shafts us all

Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead - Peter Jenner

The Top 10 Arguments Against DRM

Is DRM good or bad for consumers?

The Danger of DRM

AACS DRM cracked by BackupHDDVD tool?

iTunes DRM Inspires People to Pirate Content

Fun Japan Style

The things you can get away with in Japan I think if you tried this in the Uk or the USA you would probley end up in court.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Giant rabbits to feed North Korea's hunger!

Karl Szmolinsky, a 67 year old, East German pensioner that have breds rabbits the size of dogs for 47 years was asked by North Korea's ambassador whether he might be willing to sell some rabbits to set up a breeding farm in North Korea.

North Korea is a country of 23 million which have widespread food shortages and many people "struggle to feed themselves on a diet critically deficient in protein, fats and micronutrients" according to the United Nations Food Programme.

Each of Karl's 'German Grey Monsters' weigh about 7kg and can be used to feed 8 people

Each of Karl's 'German Grey Monsters' weigh about 7kg and can be used to feed 8 people. He was delighted to help the North Koreans, that he gave the North Koreans a special price, €80 per rabbit instead of the usual €200 to €250.
Interesting idea but surely the rabbits will eat far more in Veg than they will produce in meat, but at least shows that when backed in to a corner people are at least willing to try something new and different and think out side the box, if only we could get a government to do that with fuels for the 21st century rather than sticking to fossil fuels and taxing and thing different out of the market.


Monday, January 08, 2007

The vehicle tracking and road pricing policy

You don't have long go forth and be counted, Sign the governments new E-Petitions against the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy.

At the moment it is the number one signed pettion on the web site, with 134333 signatures. Yet again the goverment is trying to spy on us a great the first 1984 Orwellian state.

Peek Vid

For those of you like me who have quit frankly given up on tv, feed up of waiting years to get TV just because you live out side of the USA, fed up with being charged £40 on top of themandatoryy TV , A.K.A TAX.

Well lets face it we all know what where doing, but for the rest of you,youu may just want to have a look at peek Vid, a new web site that finds content for you, with out thehasslel of torrents and trackers and adverts.

When will networks learn, that by puttingobstacless in the way of us doing what we want they only drives us deeper into the Dark net.

What gay Star Trek character are you?

You are Picard. People seem to want you because they can't have you. You are a very moral and intellectual person, but you prefer to be alone. You are introverted to the point that you deny that anyone ever has any interest in you. You're a tough one to crack, but whoever can make their way into your heart should be lucky. Once you do admit to yourself that you're in love, you will provide your interest with a very meaningful, loving relationship. Your lover is Q. Chances are, you like omnipotence and receding hairlines.
Ok So this is just spam and crap, A far cry form my usual high standard of posting (yes I was firmly tung in check) but I have 7 mins left on the next ep of trackshun and I have not posted in a week and I feel guilty I have something I could post but that means I have to mess about with converting images to jpg's and sorting out hosting, and tbh I can not be arsed.

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