Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vista - Driver Signing Bypass

Vist is only just out in fact even befor it was out it was hacked and now the much hated DRM for Hi-Def dvd and Blue ray has been bypassed,

The great thing about the code I’ve written is that it does NOT use test signing mode and it does NOT load an unsigned driver into the system. Therefore, to any A/V application running, the system seems totally safe — when in fact, it’s not. Now, because I’m still booting with a special flag, it’s possible for Microsoft to patch the PMP and have it report that this flag is set, thereby disabling premium content. However, beause I already have kernel-mode code running at this point, I can disable this flag in memory, and PMP will never know that it was enabled. Again, Microsoft could fight this by caching the value, or obfuscating it somewhere inside PMP’s kernel-mode code, but as long as it’s in kernel-mode, and I’ve got code in kernel-mode, I can patch it.

Go alex ionescu as long as some out there at M$ can think of a way to brake our pc's someone else can think of a way to fix them again.

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