Friday, March 23, 2007

Brass Goggles

Brass Goggles
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I love these hand made Brass Goggles they are just beautiful.

Fallen art

It's raining 300 men

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

MadTV - iRack

Commercial Centraal Beheer, Matroos krijgt Tatto

I have to say i love this add its getting old now, but i still like it.

TV Needs You!

Yay evil coprate over lords are trying to attack our rights to control the products we buy, they are trying to take over the TV again, (not that I really want a TV in this day and age its all crap or American, a 50" LCD computer monitor would be grate cos then I would not have to pay for TV Licence for no reason.)

  • Enforcing severe home recording and copying limitations. CPCM will allow content providers to apply copy restriction labels to broadcast streams. For example, a program could be marked as "Copy Never." In turn, your DVRs and others devices receiving the signal will have to obey and forbid copying even for home use. A content provider could opt to allow recording but still enforce a multitude of restrictions on copying to other devices.
  • Imposing controls on where you watch a program. Even if you are given permission to move a program to your laptop or other portable devices, "geography controls" may kick in and stop playback once you leave home or a particular locale. These restrictions may be enforced using tamper-proof GPS receivers built in to your devices. CPCM can also be used to block sending video to yourself over your own home network or the Internet, among other things.
  • Dictating how you get to share shows with your own family. CPCM can be used to examine, for instance, the frequency with which devices are connected to a personal network and determine whether your sharing is within an "Authorized Domain" Absurdly, DVB spent significant time arguing over what happens to a digital video in case of a divorce!
  • Breaking compatibility with your devices. You may have already invested in new high definition displays and receivers that rely on component analog connections or unrestricted digital outputs, but CPCM will allow the studios to arbitrarily block these connections. In other words, individual copyright holders can turn your gadgets into oversized paperweights. CPCM- restricted media will also be able to carry blacklists and revoke compatibility with particular devices that don't enforce Hollywood's restrictions sufficiently.

  • Any way if you relay care you can read the whole thing over on the EFF web page, and then maybe you can write to your MP.

    Friday, March 16, 2007


    I love Heroes! I just watched all the ep's from 1 to 18 and I want more!

    You can read Bearming Beeman's blog, full of spoilers and information about how they film it.

    Or you can read a few spoilers, thou if you have yet to even watch one ep I would not its so much better if you watch them in order and they the storie unfold, or there is the heroe wiki.

    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Why people steel over paying

    Lets face it I hate going the cinma these days, I have paid to go there yet I am still treeted like a theif bombared with messages not to steal this film.

    Yet i am the person paying to see it, but i am the one they lecture!

    Never mind thouse crappy example's they give out of pireted films, lets face it we all know you can see what ever you want at HD quality these days.

    Sunday, March 04, 2007

    Saturday, March 03, 2007

    95% of Britons had urinated, vomited or defecated in public

    Others take more drastic steps. Research by ENCAMS, an environmental charity, showed 95 percent of Britons had urinated, vomited or defecated in public because no toilet was available.

    Public urination ``is one of the unfortunate aspects of London,'' said Aidan Onn, 36, who runs a toyshop called Playlounge in Soho. ``The streets always stink.''

    YAY come to Britan we have worse facilitys than china!

    In Beijing, where the average salary is a 10th of London's, there are 7,700 toilets, or one for every 1,948 people. China's capital plans to renovate 3,700 in time for the 2008 Olympics. London, which will host the 2012 games and has one toilet per 18,000 residents, has no such plans.

    YAY Profits over the people

    ``It's not cost-effective to keep them,'' said Tony Wood, a real estate agent who helped convert a multi-stalled Victorian- era toilet in Forest Hill into a split-level apartment that rents for 700 pounds a month.

    Wel lets face it its not just london that has this problem its every where, I can think of only one public toilet in all of liverpool that I know of that still works, and that cost 20p at the top ov bold street well, well out of the main shopping route, thou is handy if you on the way to china town.

    Mabye we could use some of these,

    Thursday, March 01, 2007

    Down Time

    If your some sort of addcit you may have noticed the down time, this was due to the move from the blogger url to my own url, I have been redirecting to the blogger addy for ages.

    But thanks to goolge and the new blog settings I can now give out my own addy and have perm links to it rather than the blogger one. It still points here so you still get to the blog, but the new main URL is,

    Lego Rap

    While I can not say I love the song I do love the time and effort for the video.

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