Saturday, March 03, 2007

95% of Britons had urinated, vomited or defecated in public

Others take more drastic steps. Research by ENCAMS, an environmental charity, showed 95 percent of Britons had urinated, vomited or defecated in public because no toilet was available.

Public urination ``is one of the unfortunate aspects of London,'' said Aidan Onn, 36, who runs a toyshop called Playlounge in Soho. ``The streets always stink.''

YAY come to Britan we have worse facilitys than china!

In Beijing, where the average salary is a 10th of London's, there are 7,700 toilets, or one for every 1,948 people. China's capital plans to renovate 3,700 in time for the 2008 Olympics. London, which will host the 2012 games and has one toilet per 18,000 residents, has no such plans.

YAY Profits over the people

``It's not cost-effective to keep them,'' said Tony Wood, a real estate agent who helped convert a multi-stalled Victorian- era toilet in Forest Hill into a split-level apartment that rents for 700 pounds a month.

Wel lets face it its not just london that has this problem its every where, I can think of only one public toilet in all of liverpool that I know of that still works, and that cost 20p at the top ov bold street well, well out of the main shopping route, thou is handy if you on the way to china town.

Mabye we could use some of these,

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