Thursday, June 28, 2007

Darkbuster - "Skinhead"

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Flickr Porn

Yep that's right Flickr is full of porn, and not the sort you think, Its all high quality porn. There is a huge underground network of people uploading porn, on a huge scale. I have one contact who has uploaded 30k of images and that just of one guy.

Now you can not just go around searching for this porn, especial not since Flickr implemented "safe search" and content filtering, it's all been locked away under the contact system.

Basically all the images are up loaded as visible to friends only, so you have to be someones contact to be able to see them the images are not searchable, and the only possible way to stumble upon the images is to join some of the sex themed groups.

If some one who has marked an image "Friends only" submits an image to a group you can see the thumb nail while browsing that groups thumb nails but when you click on the thumb nail you get the massage "This user has no images available to you.".

Odds are that if you mark this person as a contact they will mark you as a contact back, and you will now be able to see all their uploaded smut. It does not matter what sort of contact you make them, as it is the type of contact they make you that lets you see their images.

To get you started you can try adding, comeinplz (For images of ladies and lesbians with huge tits. Thou he has only just started out so does not have that much atm.) or you can try jeansgay56 (For gay porn).

I found once one of these people adds you as a contact then more and more come out of the wood work and you get lots of random people adding you as a contact, all uploading porn for free.