Thursday, August 31, 2006

Porn Backlash begins

Why is it in this day an age that if you lose a child it suddenly becomes your right to change the laws of this country if you can get enough board house wife's to sign a bit of paper?

A mother whose daughter died at the hands of a man obsessed with violent internet porn has won her fight for a ban on possessing such images.

The government has announced plans to make the possession of violent porn punishable by three years in jail.
because this is going to make us so more safer, not!

This is yet another nee jerk reaction to a problem that does not exist, How is stopping any one from looking at S&M porn going to stop those who would and should be in a mental asylum if not for the fact that the government has cut funding so much that we are now stuck with care in the community.

You only have to read the governments own consultation to see that out of 313 people who where questioned 223 thought the new law was a bad idea.

Their report says about 50,000 people signed a petition asking for these laws. Of those, 90 responded to the consultation in favor, ie excluding organizations - such as GCHQ - who submitted a response. Yet 223 individuals responded against. That suggests a large number of people are privately against the proposals. So this might not be a wise political move for a Government already under broad attack for dismantling civil liberties.
Even the BBC is having to defend its self after being inundated with so many messages against this law that the editors of the Ten o'clock news has had to comment on the official BBC blog.

Out of 71 comments the majority think this law is a bad idea, apart from Liz Longhurst, and here 50k army (most of which probably only signed up because they where ambushed on the street and signed out of pity or guilt, after all why do you sign any thing in the street?) No one thinks this is a good idea.

I have already emailed my MP using I love this site and use it to talk to any of my elected representatives any time I have a problem with he way the country's run, and the best bit is they have written back 100% of the time.

So stopping letting our government get more and more detached from the majority while the vocal minority takes over!

Go and let them know how crap this law is.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

If only I could Do this in work

This is so true its not even funny, I wish we would stop all this political correctness crap and get on with it.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bike Messengers Are on Crack

I would not go as far as on crack but they def dont seem to give a dam about the rules of the raod.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Around the World in 23 clicks

Technophilia has a great list up called "Around the World in 23 clicks" Some of the site's on it are not for ever one. Two I have found and have started to use,

  • Last.FM, Is way to share you play list's live over the internet as you listen to find new musci based on what your listening to, not to sure if like the idea of every thing I play in winamp showing up in a list Aka porn, but I am willing to give it a go for the time beeing and see how it works.
  • netvibes, Is my new home page, I use atm, but tbh I only use becsue nothing better has been around, and I have used the net for over 12 years now. I have yet to find any thing I would actualy use.
    Even with google as my home page I still use the google serch tool bar in Firefox rather than the one on the webage, so its not like I am using it.

Ahree lee

I love this its such a cool idea

Starting in November of 2001, I have been taking a picture of myself every day and I haven't stopped yet. Me was screened at a number of festivals in 2003 and 2004, including L.A. Shorts Fest, the Silver Lake Film Festival in Los Angeles, and Film Fest New Haven, where it won audience and jury awards. Music by Nathan Melsted.

Air Rage

I am not even going to comment I am just going to point you in the right direction.


The inner geek in me loves this idea, But I dont know if would ever take off in the uk,

It is a system, currently in prototype state, that allows anyone to have their own radio station, broadcasted among wirelessly capable devices, some in cars, in an ad-hoc wireless network. The system can become aware of individual preferences and is able to choose songs and podcasts that people want to hear, on their own devices and car stereos and in devices and car stereos around them.

WiFi router with BitTorrent

The ASUS WL-700gE is a WiFi router. The usual stuff, nowadays. But it is the perfect companion of die-hard file-sharers.

Why? Because the router comes with a 160GB hard drive AND a BitTorrent client. (via p2pnet)

Such a system has two main advantages. First: It keeps downloading big files, podcasts and movies while the PC is switched off.

Second: Chunks of files come to your router and are stored into the hard drive, meaning they don’t need to be transmitted via airwaves to your computer. The WiFi LAN speed should thus be higher, increasing the audio quality and the quality of service of VoIP calls.

I want one cool or what, I have to have my pc in bed room and there is no way I could sleep with it on of a night, this would suit me perfectly.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Democracy Player / Diggnation

I have had Democracy player for a while now, but did not really start using it till the new version came out and you could chosse where to save the videos and not just be stuck saving them on your C: drive.

Its a great program since using it I have stopped watching TV alltogether! Thou to be fair all I have watched is the 57 eps of Diggnation at 30 mins each its take up some time, Diggnation rocks!

Diggnation is based of Digg also well worth a look, If you have not seen or heard off it you have to go check it out.

There is however litrally hundreds of channels on Democracy player, if you want to watch it there is some one out there making it.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Man Gets Run Over By Run Away Tyer's

God that's Got to hurt!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

PS3 Interface

This is beeing touted as first look at the PS3 interface and I have to say it looks nice, but is prity much the same as the PSP one. I have ps2 but only ever used it to play Soulcalibur II, so not sure if i going to drop out for a PS3 yet, unless there is a Soulcalibur III.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Got 5 mins to kill, then try, WINDOW-SNAKE it rocks!

Cloud's Dream III: The Finale (Advent Children)

This third in the sieres has to be far the best, Thou I have no idea what the TPS report is off, I have heard it mixed in to a few things now yet dont have clue what it's off?

Work Friendly

I love this, Dont want your boss to know your borswing the web then you can use Work Friendly to make any web site look like ms office, how good is that.

Plain Old BullShit

Ok in the last post you had to make up your own bullshit, but at 25 year old, Andres Kello. Will do it all for you, who the hell is going to pay him $12 million for that domain?

What worse is he is already giving the cash away as prize's to try and get people to link to him on the condition that some one actual pays him the 12 mil. I feel sorry for any one stupid enuth to get sucked in to that, never mind any one stupid enuth to pay him 12 mil for that domain, but saying that if you got a spare 12 mil lieying around and any old domain will do......

Repurpose Frictionless Action-Items

TBH I havent a clue what the title of this post mean's, but then again I or you are not ment to it was made with the Web Economy Bullshit Generator.

If you ever have a buisness plan but just dont know what to call it you can head over to Web Economy Bullshit Generator, click "make bullshit" a few times and eventually you will have the perfect title.

No one is going to say I dont have a clue what your on about cos that would make them look stupid.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stop Motion Animation

Some times you just have to ask your self why?