Thursday, August 10, 2006

WiFi router with BitTorrent

The ASUS WL-700gE is a WiFi router. The usual stuff, nowadays. But it is the perfect companion of die-hard file-sharers.

Why? Because the router comes with a 160GB hard drive AND a BitTorrent client. (via p2pnet)

Such a system has two main advantages. First: It keeps downloading big files, podcasts and movies while the PC is switched off.

Second: Chunks of files come to your router and are stored into the hard drive, meaning they don’t need to be transmitted via airwaves to your computer. The WiFi LAN speed should thus be higher, increasing the audio quality and the quality of service of VoIP calls.

I want one cool or what, I have to have my pc in bed room and there is no way I could sleep with it on of a night, this would suit me perfectly.

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