Monday, January 08, 2007

What gay Star Trek character are you?

You are Picard. People seem to want you because they can't have you. You are a very moral and intellectual person, but you prefer to be alone. You are introverted to the point that you deny that anyone ever has any interest in you. You're a tough one to crack, but whoever can make their way into your heart should be lucky. Once you do admit to yourself that you're in love, you will provide your interest with a very meaningful, loving relationship. Your lover is Q. Chances are, you like omnipotence and receding hairlines.
Ok So this is just spam and crap, A far cry form my usual high standard of posting (yes I was firmly tung in check) but I have 7 mins left on the next ep of trackshun and I have not posted in a week and I feel guilty I have something I could post but that means I have to mess about with converting images to jpg's and sorting out hosting, and tbh I can not be arsed.

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