Sunday, December 31, 2006

Some body save the puppy's!

I have just been reading over at boing boing, how the crazy in Japan for smaller and smaller, and more unusual looking dogs is driving them to bread dogs that never should be bread, The dogs can be sold for up $10,000 for the more rarer ones, but the rear dogs are only bread by breading a pair. Then breading the farther form the first breading with the daughter produced by that breading and then again breading the same dog with his granddaughter.

The practice is causing all sorts of problems in the dogs as they are infect being inbreed for the sake of fashion. What's worse is that to days fad is tomorrow dust bin filling, lets face there is not exactly a lot of room in Japan, know for its tight living accommodation.

As far as I am concerned dog's as fashion accessories should not be done, if don't like your little black dress you stop wearing it, are you going to stop feeding your dog?

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