Sunday, February 20, 2005

AirPort Express

The AirPort Express is apples latest offering, with a tie in to Itunes or as they are now calling it Air Tunes. The Airport allows you to plug any set of powered speakers into the lineout and play mp3's form you Mac or PC to any where in your house.

You can even have Multiple devices connected to speaker's throughout your house and play the same song through them all. Ideal for house party's, best of all if you have noisy old PC like mine it lets you put it in another room so you don't have to have, the TV on so loud to hide the fans spinning in the PC.

I can see these being used to make a home entertainment system, rather than running wires all round your house you could just put a set of speaker's in the ceiling power them and put and AirPort up there with them, you can even send different songs to different Aiports on the same network so as to have the kids with music in one room and you in another each with your own tunes.

The only thing that puts me off this device is that for my personal use. I need something that can take video wirelessly. So I can watch "Home" videos from my PC, downstairs while I am working on them.

I would say the AirPort is one to watch out for it was not long before Mac minis started to go into cars. I don't think it will take long ether for some one to rig up a house with bunch of these and some speakers. After all with itune's and an ipod all your media is digital any way.

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