Thursday, February 24, 2005


Basically the CIA has been waiting for European Citizens who they suspect of terrorism to go on holiday to Muslim country's. So they can kidnap them fly them off to Afghanistan and torcher them for 2 months and drop them off on a road in the middle of no where.

What the hell is going? Has the CIA decided that rather than deal with those pesky Europeans and their bizarre ideas of fair play and rule of law and human rights. We can just sit by and wait for people to go on holiday and then kidnap and torcher them for a few months.

Maybe we should sit back and wait for American heads of business to pop over to the EU on holiday. Then kidnap them on grounds that they have broken the Kyoto accord, your not in the USA any more Bili Bob.

Ofcurse not, If I was a US Citizen I would not give a dam let's face it, if you have ever seen those programs where they ask them to point out the USA on a map, and out of 100 and 20 point to Russia because it's the biggest. The rest point to other random places on the map and only about 7 or 8 get it right.They don't even know where they are in the world is never mind what human rights are.


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