Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Councils Chew Over Gum tax Plan

A first national "gum summit" in London will call for a penny-a-packet tax.

Lib Dem London Assembly member and environment spokesman Mike Tuffrey said: "Chewing gum that is irresponsibly spat on to the street is a nuisance, an eyesore and costing taxpayers millions each year to clean up.

I could not agree more working in a school you would not believe how much gum gets stuck to the under side of desk's its a disgusting habit and I would ban the sale of gum.

As for those who say "Don't tax gum, I always put my gum in the bin." Who is going to admit to discarding it on the floor?

No one as far as I am concerned your all as bad as each other. The amount of people who seem incapable of chewing with the mouth closed never cease to amaze me.
Thanks to Gum I get to look at this site all day long, ban it now! It's worse than smoking.

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