Thursday, February 24, 2005

Get Your HDTV Quick

While you still can, if you don't know already that come July 2005 all HDTV cards will have to carry DRM Tec that will disable them upon command of a broadcast flag, you do now.

You will still be able to watch live TV but will no longer be able to record programs that are broadcast with the new Flag.

Old Cards will still work, without being effected by the flag so go out and get yours now.

Sadly, the FCC bought it. Thanks to an FCC ruling [PDF 448k], as of July 2005, it will be illegal to manufacture or import DTV tuners unless they include DRM technologies mandated by the FCC. This means that DRM will be a standard feature on all future televisions, TiVos, and computers that want to interoperate with DTV content.


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