Sunday, February 20, 2005

Protect Your MP3's

After following a random link on the blogdex I found, is a public Open Source and Freeware software development web site, providing free publishing, packaging, hosting, and marketing services to individual developers.

The mission of is to enrich the global internet community by providing software developers who lack the time, money or knowledge a centralized place to publish, control and market their creations at no cost. To fulfill this mission goal, we offer a variety of services to projects we host and we only ask that all projects shall be provided freely and without any attachments to the general public.

Now one of the projects that they are hosting is a niec little plug in that can check to if your mp3 files on your hard drive have become corrupted. It also has a handy little future that will also check to see if mp3's you donwload of the net have been corrupted, MP3 Shield integrates seamlessly into any Kazaa Media Desktop client to automatically scan MP3 files that are being downloaded and filter out corrupted songs.

Could you ask for more? You can get a copy from here.

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