Monday, February 21, 2005


Unsuspecting cellphone users may find themselves saying that more often now that cellphone jammers — illegal gizmos that interfere with signals and cut off reception — are selling like hotcakes on the streets of New York
Has to be some of the worst grammar I have ever seen published in a news paper. Ok so my spelling and grammar is not the best in the world, but at least I have an excuse. I was diagnosed as being dyslexic at the age of five.

Why would some one who was using a cell phone say shut the cell up? Surely it's the people with the illegal phone jammers who are saying shut the cell up?

Also the whole tone of the article is disturbing, it practicaly encourages people to go out and buy these things saying,

But don't expect to find jammers at the local Radio Shack — they're against Federal Communications Commission regulations because they interfere with emergency calls and the public airwaves. They are illegal to buy, sell, use, import or advertise.

A violation means an $11,000 fine, but the FCC's Enforcement Bureau has yet to bust one person anywhere in the country.

"This is not a crime that they're going after," said Rob Bernstein, deputy editor at New York City-based Sync magazine.

Now I have seen these before you can get key ring jammers in Tokyo for a bit of fun that stop your mates phones from working, they have a very limited range thou. The idea being that you have to walk up to your mate and be with in a meter, Not hiding on the other side of the train.

What sort of message are they sending these devices are illegal for a reason, they are band not only in the USA but all across the European union too, Infact the only places I know where you can buy them is Japan and then only the toy ones with limited range.

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