Saturday, February 19, 2005

New Proof That Man Has Caused Global Warming

It found that natural variation in the Earth’s climate, or changes in solar activity or volcanic eruptions, which have been suggested as alternative explanations for rising temperatures, could not explain the data collected in the real world. Models based on man-made emissions of greenhouse gases, however, matched the observations almost precisely.

"What absolutely nailed it was the greenhouse model," Dr Barnett told the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Washington. Two models, one designed in Britain and one here in the US, got it almost exactly. We were stunned. They did it so well it was almost unbelieveable."

When will people accept the fact that we are the ones destroying the planet and realize that big bunnies is merely protecting profits by destroying the planet.

In the week when the Kyoto accord finale comes in to force we still have the America kicking and screaming. Refusing to sign up and why so they can have cheap Gas and drive a hummer.

If the rest of the world had any sense we would simple stop selling them oil, they would soon have to change their ways.

The Times

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