Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cop Sues McD's For $6M

The NYPD cop who bit into a glass-packed Big Mac is suing McDonald's and the culprit who booby-trapped the burger for $6 million.

Veteran cop John Florio swallowed at least five razor-sharp shards when he chomped into the tainted burger on Jan. 30.

The K-9 unit cop had stopped at the McDonald's at 875 Garrison Ave. in the Bronx for a dinner break.

Burger-flipper Albert Garcia Jr., 18, later confessed he had brought a broken picture frame from home, ground up the glass and sprinkled it on the Big Mac.

"Both this restaurant and the McDonald's corporation failed to properly supervise the employee," said Florio's lawyer, Richard Kenny, who planned to file the lawsuit today in Bronx Supreme Court.

How stupid do you have to be to think you could get away with this? He deserves everything he gets. On the other hand $6M is a bit much really it's not like he was hurt that much, you would have to be preity stupid to keep on chewing on glass after the 1st piece pricked your mouth.

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