Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Are Blog's The New Comment Spam?

Is blogger the new comment spam, After spending an hour or three reading blog's and news sites. Looking for something to blog about I tend to go back to Blogger and click on the next blog button, To see what other people are bloging about.

Now most of the blog's I come across are you standard personal blog's, but more and more I am coming across advert blogs, who's sole purpose seams to be to advertise one product or another, where ever post is just a selection of words designed to score well with google and link to a companies web site.

Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with company blog's but these for the most part, just seem to be auto updated by some sort of bot with different word combinations for that day.

I have pointed these out to Blogger and the only response I ever get is that they will look at them and see if the violate the T&C's. So far thou they don't seem to have taken any of them down.

Althought they do seem to have deleted all content on (I refuse to link to any off these sites.)

With googles recent crack down on comment spam and Blogger implementing this, are we destined to see more blog spam?

At the moment they seem to be isolated island's of spam, but what if they get there act together after all many bloggers participate in link exchanges to increase their page rank, why then can not the spammers do the same, Link together four or five hundred blog's in gigantic interlinked web, and watch that google page rank go.

To gain kudos for the blog's all they would have to do is put links on there officall website which for larger companies would be well ranked, back to there blog thus increasing it's page rank and therefore all with in the spam network.

Below is the list of all the blog spam I have come across so far, this does not included the 1st 10 blog's I came across and reported as at that point I was not keeping note of them. They are separated by a gap those above have been reported and those below have not, due to aparent lack of action on bloggers behalf. (Altought no content yet)

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