Thursday, February 10, 2005

TiVo Deathwatch

Engadget has started a Tivo dethwatch, based upon recent event's within the company namely the fact that they have had two senior executives leave in the past month, and a lot of their contracts are just being left to run out and the share price has dropped to an all time low.

Tivo's death will be mourned by it's user but I doubt it will be mourned by Hollywood. They want you to watch adverts and lets face it who does that when they have Tivo.

It would not surprise me if Hollywood had a hand in Tivo's death, but even if it does die in the USA. I don't think it will be dieing any time soon over here in the UK sky is still pushing it heavily and there is high take up, you even get it free as bonus for having the top package, I can see it having a long healthy life over here out of Hollywood's way.

After all The UK is not the US and the revenue streams are not the same it's better to lose the UK than the US.

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