Thursday, February 03, 2005

Going Any where Nice?

When every I ready an ipod reviewer it inevitable comes down to the point that the person likes to listen to music on the plane.

Now this got me thinking what on earth are all the ipod owners doing? I mean there can only be so many jobs that involve flying round the world on daily basis.

I can not believe that just by chance that out of all the people who own ipods, reviewers seem to constantly pick the ones who fly round the world?

Do they just sit in airports all day looking for the tell tail white head phones of an ipod?

If any one has one of these wonderfully job's where all you do is fly from A to B and spend your time jetseting round the world, please let me no exactly what it is and how do I get one?

I have my packing guide already, I wont need a suitcase i can travel light. You wont even notice i am there, after all you will be to busy listening to your ipod.

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TaB said...

Im a stew, it's not that tough to get a job, your in lpl, easyJet are always looking, i grew up in edge hill - i can see why you want to escape.
g-boac from the bloggerforum