Monday, February 07, 2005

The Top 10 Most Unreported Humanitarian Story's Of 2004

  1. Intense Grief and Fear in Northern Uganda
  2. No End in Sight to Devastating Conflict in Democratic
    Republic of Congo (DRC)
  3. Civilians Caught in Colombia's Crossfire
  4. Tuberculosis Spiraling Out of Control
  5. Somalia Shattered By Anarchy and Chaos
  6. The Trauma of Ongoing War in Chechnya
  7. User-Fee System Excludes Burundi's Poorest From Basic
    Health Care
  8. North Koreans Endure Massive Deprivation and Repression
  9. Constant Threat of Hunger and Disease in Ethiopia
  10. The War is Over, But Liberians Still Live in Crisis

Full details are available here.

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