Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pirating The Oscar 2005 screener

We all know it goes on, the film industry is so desperate to win an Oscar that they send DVD's of the films out to the voters homes, so they don't have to go to all that trouble of going to the cinema.

Then some unscrupulous people copy the DVD's and put them on the internet. Over on they have the dates that films where realeased and then the dates the screener was made availbre on the net.

I made a little spreadsheet from the numbers above, and the average days to pirate is 55.48.
Quite frankly I find the above date quite hard to believe, after all most times films are available only days after a cinema release in the screener format. The 55.48 day must be for DVD quality releases.

Perhaps if they stopped hyping films to get them out on limited release to win an Oscar this year to boost sales. Instead of waiting for next years Oscars to come round. There films would not show up on the net months befor they come out in the cinima.

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