Thursday, February 10, 2005

Free ipods UK Update 3

I just logged in to my free ipod UK account, to check if I had been credited for completing the time life offer, which I now have.

When I Noticed I have now been credited twice for completing the Screen select offer.

This brings my offer completion status to 3 more than enuth to qualify to get my free ipod :)

Unfortunately not one of the 28! People who have signed up under me have competed there offers. I don't understand why unless they are all under 18 and don't have a credit card.

After all it has taken at most 3 days for any of my confirmations to come through, and it has cost me £2.99.

Now if i walked up to you in the street and said that for £2.99 you could by an ipod of me that would cost you £155 in the shop's.

First off you would think it was nicked and second you would have got your wallet out and gave me £2.99.

With the amount of people who have signed up under my link almost 6 people could have had FREE ipod's. As soon as 5 people have completed the offer under my link, I am more than happy to put your link up on the site.

After all Once you have got your ipod you don't get any more so there is no point keeping my link up past that or the links I have in the message board's I post in.

If any of you who have used my link to sign up and have completed could you please post a comment here as you are not showing up.

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