Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Folksonomies Tap People Power

Dog owners would probably object. But because of Flickr's tagging system, which allows the photographers or other users to assign identifying tags to most photos on the service, we know that Flickr hosts 23,081 images tagged with "cat" or "cats" and only 17,463 with "dog" or "dogs."

May imply that there is more cat owners, but what if we look at this way maybe cat people just take more photos of their cats, after all cat people never see their cats, where as dog people live with their animals, so don't need to constantly take photos of them.

Over than that it's quite a good article about the rise of tags and site's like flickr, Delicious, along with Furl, MetaFilter and the blog index Technorati, that are starting to use them and promote them and there growing popularity.

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