Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Economics Of Sharing

As you may or may not have picked up on by now, I am most definitely in favor of a free and open internet, and most definitely diametrically opposed to the scourge of us all which is DRM,

Why do we share thou?

What is so special about the internet? That makes people who would not normal give you the time of the day share so much about them selves and other things ;)

But really when we "share" something on the net are we actual sharing anything lets face it other than the cost of BB and your computer, there is no cost to the average user, its free.

Really we don't share anything we just give access, access to are life's, photos, hard drives and any thing else we can think of that is on are PC's.

Is this so much about sharing or more about leaving are mark behind on the world, once we used to scribble graffiti on trains and desk.

No we write a web page, is there any difference really?



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