Thursday, February 03, 2005

Does The Mac Mini Live Up To The Hype?

apparently not if you read this peace by Jorge Lopez, But really most of the complaints come down to the fact that it's not a PC runing Windows XP,

...I could get a Mac mini computer for $499 and have no keyboard or mouse, no serial ports, no way to connect a printer, no PS/2 ports, no floppy drive, no 5.25" bays, no PCI slots, no speakers, and no Windows XP...

There are how ever some very valid points raised about the lack of OS functionality,

The OS X comes with some system maintenance utilities, but essentials such as a defragmenter or a or registry cleaner are notably absent. I would expect a Mini to get really slow and unstable within a couple months if you can’t perform any routine maintenance tasks on it.
It may look good in the shop, but will it still be as good upon closer inspection when you get it home?

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