Friday, February 04, 2005

Death To The TV!

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At last people are starting to realize that you don't have to put up with TV schedule's.
Now increasing numbers of people are turning to the net and, instead of waiting for shows to be broadcast, are downloading what they want.
I know people who have been doing this for years, While I fully call for all TV to be on the net to get what you want when you want there are some things that i do worry about.

Now the BBC article tries to pas the fact that people are downloading TV of the net for the sake of convenience, well let me tell you that is the smallest reason for any one to get TV of the net,

Yes people download TV they have missed, but mainly people download TV that has been broadcast in another country, For years people have been downloading TV from the states where it is some times broadcast up to a year in advance of the UK.

Alltought this is not always the case as with the new BSG on sky 1, this time the Americans are downloading TV show in the UK, Sky paid for BSG some say up to 50% of the cost, but part of the agreement was that it was shown in the UK 1st.

This was a direct attempt to increase ratings by forcing people in the UK to watch it on sky rather than download it the day it is out in the states. This has caused much upset for American fans who have to share the office scifi board with UK fans.

They are mainly up set that the status quo has been broken and that for once it is they who have to put up with spoilers or download it off the net, For once they are the one's who know weeks in advance what is going to happen.

This is just one reason why TV is on its way out, You can not broadcast TV in the UK and then expect people to wait 8 weeks for it to come to the USA, or the other way round which is normally the case, they simple turn to the net.

Side Note
One interesting thing that has come to light thou is the different theme tune that has been used on the us show when it was broadcast in America.

The real question is if we end up with global TV release dates on the net, will we end up with a US mono culture why bother to make changes such as the theme tune from one region to another (The American one is crap, they where better off with the UK one).

Will ratings be counted by number of times downloaded? After all this would make the most sense, but more importantly how will they want to restrict how we us the downloads once we have them, after all big companies always want DRM.

Could you imagine the pirating problem if all TV was available off the net? Even legally the episodes would leek out and be available on the P2P net.

Ultimately TV on the net will be a good thing but who for?

Will TV companies just be lazy and make any old crap?

How will we pay for it?


Pay per View? (quite literately)

In the end only the future will tell, we will all have to wait and see what happens.

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