Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yahoo Day!

Yahoo Is 10 years old to day, Which I did not know till I went to Yahoo just now to get their logo. The only reason I was Mentioning yahoo was because I read this and was surprised.......

Still, the adulation must rankle the folks at a certain company just down the road in Silicon Valley - another search engine founded by two precocious Stanford grads with a cute name, colorful logo, and simple homepage. The indignity is all the greater when you consider Yahoo!'s numbers: 165 million registered users, 345 million unique visitors a month, $49 billion market cap, and a 62 per­cent increase in revenue last quarter, bringing 2004 total revenue to $3.6 billion. Yahoo! makes more money and has more patents, services, and users than Google; it even has its own yodel. Given its recent blowout financial results and the expected continued explosion of online advertising, Yahoo! may very well be the most valuable business on the Web. And yet, as Jerry Yang and David Filo's startup celebrates its 10th anniversary March 2, Yahoo! is the biggest consumer Internet company you may almost never think about.

Some are likening Yahoo to what AOL should have been, my self I never use Yahoo, It's simpley to messy for my liking there is 40 million links on the front page. Of course I use Google, but not really for searches I have given up on search engines, there crap.

If I have to look at one more link trying to sell/ give me the best price for "abstract theory's of everything" on GOD DAM Kelkoo one more time. I am quite tempted to higher some one to have them killed.

The problem with search engines is that the 1st 50 results are always trying to sell you, what ever your searching for even when it information, Which they have no hope of providing.

The only thing I use Google for now is the image search and It's much more important function for me as a spell checker, The one on blogger is crap you think they would use the Google one. Being owned by them and all.

Back to Yahoo,

which has also recently launched Yahoo web services (2 links),

Create Applications Using Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Search Web Services allow you to access Yahoo content and services in your favorite programming languages. This means you can now build Yahoo directly into your own applications.

Which sounds like a good idea although you are limited to 5000 searches a day, but then this is aimed at developers not you and I. But if you and I would like to use it there is a good example over on O'Rielly of what you can do with it, as well as more detail on how it works.

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