Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Buzz Game

Yahoo has a stock trading game based upon Buzz,


  • You're bullish on podcasting; you buy shares of PODCAST stock
  • Britney announces her next single will be delivered exclusively via podcast
  • Curious tweens everywhere flood Yahoo! with searches about podcasting
  • Your shares skyrocket; you make a bundle
I took a punt on these,


I went for this one becsue it's still new people are just starting to integrate it into their site's so it should rise.


This one is more of safe bet, most of the roll out of warcraft is done. So this should be my steady stock.


With new ipod models on the way, they are shore to get tongue's wagging.


Xbox two is on the way, That's got to get tongue's a wagging.


I had $60 left so why not. The graph looked like it was going for a 2nd peak.

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