Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Chemical Brothers Remixed

Not content with the unprecedented international success of their last remix project, the team behind "Always Outsiders, Never Outdone", the unofficial Prodigy Remixed album, have only gone and done it again. This time the Chemical Brothers latest album "Push the Button" gets the remix treatment.

The DJs behind "Flip the Switch" see the remix album as a natural part of the evolution of UK dance music. In a recent interview, Ed was quoted as saying "We used to make cut-ups or DJ mixes for ourselves to play. Bootleg culture isn't a new thing. It's something people do - take snatches from other people's records and make a DJ mix."

You can download the album for free here, all they ask is that you make a small donation to charity.

You can also their previous work Always Outsiders here.

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Wes said...

thanks for the link will give it a look.