Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ecosystems Have Parasites

Cory Of Boing Boing has just put up his notes for a talk he gave at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego.

The talk discussed the merits of an open eco system as opposed to the closed eco system that Hollywood wants.

Altough It it deals with the subject well I feel it miss one important point, Using the Eco model Hollywood controls all the food.

We can not make are own movie's, not one's that people would pay to see at least not yet. As long as the MPAA and RIAA have the authority to represent the artists and interest of Hollywood. They will be able to control the watering hole which is government and legislation.

Thus giving them the power to cut off are trickle down feed at any time, The problem is humans are lazy we would rather sit in the sun all day a tan by the pool.

We are short sited after a long day in the Fields all we want to do is blonk are selves down in front of the Idiot box and stair blankly for 8 hours before we sleep. To start all over again the next day.

How controls the idiot box in the corner? The networks where do they get their power from? Well of course we give it to them, in the case of sky we even pay to to give it to them.

If we did not watch the idiot box other big fish would not pay to advertise on it, in turn the network would not be able to gain content of Hollywood to keep us interested in the idiot box.

The are only 12 story line after all we have seen them all and we will watch them all again. Until we take brake the hold the idiot box has upon us we will not be able to take control from the RIAA and the MPAA.

We are letting a little box in the corner raise are children after all it's far, far easyer to plonk you offspring down in front of the Idiot box at the end of the day than it is to have to bother to interact with them.

They spend all day in school but that's no good as you have to work when there in school, so of an evening the TV takes over.

the problem is that in the modern society where the idiot box has brain washed us into thinking we deserve everything "Because your worth it" and that we don't have to don any thing every thing will just come to us.

The truth is not like that so just like the food addicts who can only get their next hit by eating that 22nd bar of chocolate we have to return to the idiot box.

After all if you can not have kylie bum at least you can stair at it for 3 hours a night and so what if you don't live in a big mansion yet, you look inside J,lo's for now.

The idiot box has done such a wonderful job of selling the jet set life to us all, but what many don't realize is that those living the jet set life can only live it, if the rest of us stay glued to the idiot box, and that as long as they do so they will never live such a life.

After all if you spent al day out with your family would you really give a dam about what clothes J'lo was wearing or even think about pay 40X what they are worth for them?

The most successfu of us don't spend all day watching the idiot box they are out their doing it, The idiot Box can only provide pipe dreams, but what wonderful pipe dreams they are.

So to close, let use this quote from a TV show from a by gone age...

"Why Don't you Switch off your television set and do something"

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