Wednesday, March 30, 2005

David Byrne, Radio

A friend who relocated to California from NY said she missed hearing all the odd variety of music that was played around the office here. “I miss hearing what you all are listening to,” she wrote. This “radio” is my response. It will stream for a few hours and then it will recycle. Maybe it will run longer in the future. The artists played here are respectful of one another and gunplay is forbidden. Click on the player button below — a popup window will appear and the stream will begin. As songs play they will be identified, along with the artist — so if you like something you can see what and who it is. The song list will be updated periodically (how long is that really, in Earth time? Well, it depends on my listening habits.) As it reflects what I’m listening to, some songs will hang around longer while others will get dumped and replaced quickly.
Have been listing to this all day now, A case of the right thing at the right tiem. I have spent the last two days listing to The Lost In Translation OST (DVD) and The FullMetal Alchimist OST (Game)



Added the link now, This post seemed to endup posting twice and messing every thing up .

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