Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Photo Shop, Help!

I have been trying to make a new logo for the site for ages now, but without success I must admit my photshop skills are nill.

I started with this image I found on Flickr,

I resized it and flipped it to make it more of a banner shape,

I then managed to make this, which is far to gothey,

I while messing about I noticed that when you highlighted the text you could make this effect,

Which I think fits in a lot better with the image I want for the site.

I have been told the filter is just one to highlight text and I have yet to find away to apply the green filter to the whole image.

If there is any one out there who can recreate this effect and modify one of the source images in this post, I would appreciate it greatly.


Firefox said...

Sure photoshop is my favorite hobby.

The best way to create a new website is to just draw out what you want with colored pencils on a white piece of paper. If you can figure out your design you are 90% done.

Inverting sections of an image is also easy just box up what you want inverted, copy it, past the layer back on top, line it up if its shifted, and do image-> Adjustments-> invert on the top layer.

Flatten, save, and presto, you are done.

Wes said...

It's not so much that I want to redesign the whole site I just wanted to put a banner over the top of the site.

Thanks for the advice I will see if I can get it to work