Friday, March 11, 2005

Google Auto Link Or Is It?

I was reading this piece over on Personal Technology by WALTER S. MOSSBERG, where he suggest this...

If the principle behind AutoLink were to take hold, there would be nothing to stop Microsoft from adding a feature to Internet Explorer that would replace the ads on a Google search-results page with ads sold by Microsoft's MSN service.

Now lets take this idea little further, If by some bizarre act of god in this new world I suddenly found my self able to code the new killer P2P app and decided that rather than install tones of spy ware and show you adds which you where going to close or ignore.

I simple got my program to change you .host file so that every time you went to Amazon, you would be sent there with my Amazon partner ID, what if every time you went to a site that had link to Amazon my new killer app stripped out their Amazon id and put mine in.

I could make a killing, ok so if I change the .hosts file there may be a problem, but as for changing all like to Amazon to include my partner ID, you agreed to that in the 72 page EULA.

In this new world where its acceptable to change the content on other people's pages. Would any one see any thing wrong with that?

Would they even know as not every one would be using my new P2P app, after all the only people who need P2P are those getting their films and mp3 for free. They may even see it as a fair price I give them free films and they give me a 4% on any purchase they make.

All I need now Is both Google and M$ to change the way the internet fundamentally works and then corrupt their evil plan for my own use, that's if I or some one else has not already done so?

Edit meant to hit spell check not publish, my bad.

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