Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bit The Bullet......

Now any of my friends will tell you that I am tighter than a "9 bob note", but I have grown to love flickr. So much so that I just had to download the upload tools, as I had so many pics to up load.

Then the most dreaded thing in the world happened, I used up all my free upload bandwidth!

So I took the plunge and went Flickr Pro which any one I know will tell you I don't spend my cash easily, but Flickr has changed the way I use my Photo's before they where archived along with every thing else. Not to be looked at not to be shared, not to be linked too or emailed.

My poor unloved pictures :(, That was until I got into the habit of using Flickr to share my pics. With out a word of lie I have used Flickr every day for the last month, It has brought photos back to life.

So with that in mind I got out my CC and took the plunge and spent the £22.50 ($41.77) after all I have spent more in night on vodka. Plus with the USD being so weak the was never a better time.

So here's to Flickr!

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