Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Desktop Inspiration.

I always like to look at other people desktops, Inpart I like to see what they are using as the background, but more so I like to see what icons take pride of place on their desktops.

As of today Flickr has launched a new service "Hottag's"

Every wondered what's H.O.T. on Flickr today? Well, here's the very first sneak peek at that! Now when you visit the main tags page on Flickr, you'll see a breakdown of hot tags over the last 24 hours, and the last week (from the time you're looking).

This is a list based more on frequency of use than photo volume, so it changes all the time. As you'll see, it's just a teeny taste of the new features we'll be introducing to help you discover cool photos on Flickr.

One of the new "HotTag's" is desktopshowandtell This now allows me to indulge my self and look at new desktops :)

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