Saturday, March 12, 2005



You ask? Well I asked too, it turns out it's just another step down the road to the monitorization of the internet. This great new tool will allow PR "people" to see where traffic is coming from not only who is linking where, but how many people they are sending to them.

So in turn these nice PR "People" can offer lots of money to the sites who generate the most traffic to blogVerTise their products.

Notice someone writing a lot about ipods?

Well yes I do but it because I want one free, but what if I suddenly start to blog about Brand X 32" plazmer TV's, and how great they where. Not only once but over and over again finding ways to drop it in to the conversation.

Such as "I was watching Spiderman II last night on my 32" Brand X and The special effects are brilliant and the sound track featuring such and such was excellently done. It's out on DVD as of Friday."

Now ofcures it stands out because I say brand X but once I have mentioned it a few times you would all know what TV I have and just saying on TV would make you think of brand X.

Is this the way we want the internet to go?

Cash for article's is that the way we want the internet to be?

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