Friday, March 18, 2005

PodBrix Woz Minifig

New PodBrix Product Will Be Released In 4 Days
On Monday (March 21st) our next product will go on sale at 9:00pm EST. More details and photos will be disseminated the morning of the release day.

Here is what I can tell you now:
The new product will be an apparel item, not a minifig. It will incorporate the PodBrix design and function as an iPod shuffle accessory. It will be a limited run of 300 units. All will be hand signed and numbered as with our previous products.

For those of you hoping for another minifig related product... never fear. We are finishing up the next minifig item now and it will be launched about a week after the new apparel product.

All I can say is thank god for the pre warning, I have managed to miss out on both the last limited runs as, both of the last two release where only announced at the moment of release which meant only those on line at the time got the figures.

This time PodBrix is announcing in advance which I think makes a lot more sense, although you have to wonder what the ipod shuffle accessory is?

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