Monday, March 21, 2005

Looks like Bill has decided to re use some of their old real estate, once used to advertise windows 95. Is now being used for a little experiment, It looks like MS is trying to take on

Admittedly is looks like they are not planning to use tags or let you see how many other people have booked marked a page at one point in time.

But most people don't need that sort of functionality, ok so right now you have copy a huge unwieldy URL every where with you to access you book marks but they are working on authentication now.

As far as I can see the aim of this new MS project is to create a new home page for IE, If you control where the sheep start browsing from you control their journey, with lots of pointers to MS site's, but also Google, Amazon and the BBC.

Not surprisingly at the moment there is no FireFox support at the moment...

We hear you: Firefox support is almost done!
And seriously, we're just messing around with some prototypes here.
Do let us know what you think, though!
Let see how long Firefox support takes.

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