Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Itunes Sticks The Boot In

I tunes has been asking me for the last two months to upgrade the software, I have said no every time, the only reason I have I tunes on it because I was forced to install it if I wanted to watch .mov files using quick time.

In the end I told it not to ask me any more, It turns out this was the right thing to do as Apple has just striped out some of the usability and rights you had previously had.

But once you install the new iTunes 4.7.1 "update" (more accurate to call it a "downgrade") you lose that ability. Without telling anyone, Apple has stolen some of the rights you paid for when you bought your iTunes music, by adding limits to the number of people you can stream your music to in a 24 hour period. Imagine if your boom-box refused to switch itself on if too many people were in the room -- the 21st Century equivalent of gathering in one room to listen to music is gathering on one network to do so, and Apple has just appointed itself the absolute, tyrannical ruler of the size of the social group that you're allowed to stream iTunes music to.
You can not even roll pack your software once you have installed this new down grade, in the old days you used to down load a program and install it, these day's you download an install which downloads the program installs it and delete's the installer so if you want to install it again you have to connect to the net and re download.

If people stand for this it will not be much longer before apple takes away the right to play you tunes on any thing other than your ipod, I would say this is the 1st step down the slippery slope.

But lets face it we have been free falling down the slope since the day Microsoft was founded, Just one more fair rights use they could not take away from us in law, so did it with a sneaky back door update.

Apple is to the 21st century as was Microsoft to the 20th.

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