Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jeff Weise

On Monday, 17-year-old Jeff Weise went on a rampage, shooting to death his grandfather and the grandfather's companion, then invading his school on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. Armed with two pistols and a shotgun, he killed nine people and wounded seven before shooting himself to death in the nation's bloodiest school shooting since Columbine High in Colorado six years ago.
First of all I would like to extend my sympathies to all those involved in this terrible incident.

A long time school friend of mine has just sent me the following email, It contains links to a film, Jeff Weise made and posted on the internet as he states in the email the film is very graphic and in the circumstances, I would go as far to say autobiographical.

If you or any member of your family has been touched by the tragedy I would NOT recommend you watch the film.

No doubt you’ve all heard the tragic news of yet another teenage shooting rampage in the US.

Well it turns out that he used to post regularly on a website that I used visit on a regular basis. I actually have spoken to his kid in the chat room supported by the site. I've never doubted that there are some strange people on the site... a lot of far right wing nutters attracted by the survivalist image of zombie films.

It seems he had a rather unhappy life… the sites owner brought up some of his old P.Ms (private messages). I was going to attach them to this message but I thought it was a little unethical (if you want to read them visit the site). Suffice to say it is the all too frequent story of abusive and alcoholic parents, lack of friends and the general feeling of being a loner.

It’s quite disturbing reading them… knowing what happened… and while I'll never be able to understand what would drive someone to taking other people lives I could see why he would have wanted to end his own.

While this article does not mention HPOTD directly it does mention some other zombie sites.

If you want to see something really disturbing follow this link it is a flash animation by Jeff Weise/Blades11. I will warn you now, it’s not very nice.

There have been a bunch of people signing up to the site, a few people claiming to be reporters wanting information…

If you would like to read some of his personal messages to others on the Homepage of the dead forum they can be read here.


The personal messages from the homepage of the dead have now been taken down due to intense media intrest, Here is a copy.....

Author Message

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Subject: I've backed up recent/old forums/PMs... Date: Today 02:54:03

His posts on the forum I could find were always straight laced etc...

However, if you look at this article -

It states:-
In one posting, he criticized interracial mixing on the reservation and slammed fellow Indian teens for listening to rap music. "We have kids my age killing each other over things as simple as a fight, and it's because of the rap influence," he wrote.

Checking thru his details, he used an email address of "" once...

Looks like he had a really f***ed up childhood. Here are a few comments he made in PMs:-

I have friends, but I'm basically a loner inside a group of loners. Most of my friends don't know the real me, I've never shared my past with anyone, and I've never talked about it with anyone. I'm excluded from anything and everything they do, I'm never invited, I don't even know why they consider me a friend or I them...

My mom used to abuse me alot when I was little. She would hit me with anything she could get her hands on, she used to drink excessively too. She would tell me I was a mistake, and she would say so many things that its hard to deal with them or think of them without crying.

My mom got drunk one night and wrecked her car and had to relearn how to tie her shoes, I was too young to fight back or too young to stick up for myself without getting struck down when this was happening.

However, nothing can justify the pain and suffering he has put others though.

Jef Weise also had a blog with livejournal, However it only contains three entries.


Wes said...

You are quit right,as with most I have focused on the cause. Rather than the after effect of the action.

If you or any one would like to wright a Peace about the effects this, has had upon you and your comunity I am more than willing to publish it on the site.

You can Email me at topcat__ at Hotmail (Dot) Com

CheyenneWay said...

Very good comment gracey! I have been researching this tragic event and out of all the links posted yours has been the most interesting. There is a story to be learned when looking at the whole picture. I connect with the shooter and the families of his victims because I am also just a Native American. Thats where the Native American thing pretty much stops though. Stories like his childhood are not that uncommon unfortunately. Honestly, as I rethink the last sentence it sends chills through my body because i can think of a few friends that grew up like that. That goes for all humanity. I just hope the kid that was arrested for possible involvement see's a fair trial and gets some Court TV or CNN action. Society's are not happy when justice cannot be served in cases like this. Society will not punish itself, only the members that make up the whole.

Anonymous said...

I'm a goth and go by the name freaker. I'm a loner and also bullied. I feel really sorry for jeff. This proves that there's not enough help out there for troubled teens. The scary part is, we have sooo much in common. I also admire Hitler, and draw dark pictures. I was going to get help, but no one understands. Maybe in time, I'll be with my true love. We were meant for eachother. Plus, we're almost the same age, except, I'm 15.

Anonymous said...

hey freaky you so called bitch of a goth! you anit jeff weises fucking true love he wouldnt want your ugly dumbass! me and him went through the same stuff gettin bullied my mom is suffering brain injures and my dad committed suicide because he got into a horrible fight i now live with my grandma and my mom use to abuse me. so accually jeff weise is my or would of been my true love oh and by the way hes 16 and so iam i. iam four monts youger than him so he would of rather be with me beat that hoe! your dumb ass just gets bullied! me and jeff have been through the same stuff, top that! ha! so you aint go through shit bitch!!!!!

Wes said...

I would delete your comment but then I could not email it to every one I know, so they can see what it's like to have half a brain.

Anonymous said...

yeah about what monay said that was my cousin i just want to appologize for what she has wrote.
if i knew jeff i would of honestly been his best friend i believe that he really deserved some love. i mean come on i know what he did was horribly wrong but dont forget noone cared or even knew he was their i feel so terrible for him.
by begin a true friend that iam i would of done all i can to help him no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Just to warn y’all guys, I have a tendancy to type near full-length articles in response to things I feel passionate about, so this may end up a bit on the long side.

Freaker, I know what you mean. I’m not very “Goth”, but I’m definitely with you on a lot of that stuff.

I’m a 16 year old male, often misunderstood, a bit of a loner. I like the darker side of life and the brighter side of death. I’m often thought to be a nazi with my defense of Hitler on many message boards. Although misguided, he was truly a genius. Moreover, I’ve often times imagined myself walking down the halls of my school, smiling and waving at people before shooting them. I have also wanted to get a girl on her knees, ask her if she believed in God, just to parody Columbine.

Most people don’t understand that the kids from Columbine weren’t persecuting Christians, they were making sure the ones they killed for no reason were Christian, and that their souls were prepared for death. I, however, could care less who is or isn’t Christian, and just because I was going to do that, I sure as hell wasn’t going to kill her. I’m just hoping she says yes, so that it won’t look as bad in the paper the next morning.

People say “I should’ve been his friend” or something like that. This is stupid. If you wouldn’t have been his friend anyways, why start just because he’s gone homocidal and suicidal? I may have been his friend, had I known him, sharing many similar views on such things as rap, however ironic the ending may have been.

I hate how people use kids’ favorite bands, like Rammstein or Nirvana, as excuses for their behavior. What about the parents? I mean, if my mom beat me, and then she whacked into some guy in her truck, I’d just laugh at her, saying something like, “That’s karma, bitch.” When something is wrong with the kid, stop looking at the TV, the video games, and the music, and start looking at the half-ass job the parents did raising the child. The parents are ultimately to blame if their kids see something bad from the TV, games, and music, anyways, because they’re the crappy parents who let them be exposed to it. Take some fucking responsibility.

I knew him as TodesEngel, T o t e n K o p f, and many other things on various forums, and I sometimes wonder if my friend Herr Totenkopf from yet another forum was him, too. I’m kinda surprised I didn’t recognize the similarities in their names. I listened to them, though, and talked several of them out of killing themselves, at least for a little while, and would also talk with them about our shared points of interest, such as Hitler, Rammstein, or just the German language in general. I should’ve thought it strange that all three were suicidal, not really German and yet all spoke at least some, and all liked Rammstein and Hitler. I’m not sure why I didn’t pick up the pattern.

TodesEngel’s last posts on any forum from which I knew him were March 15th, and none of them showed signs of depression.

Anonymous said...

wow. I've been really interested in this whole thing since it happened. I'm not an emotional person at all, but when I heard about this tragedy, I cried. I just keep thinking. "this could have been me." I'm a 14 year old Native American girl from a New York/Canadian tribe, Mohawk.

My mother was a drunk lunatic who used to beat me with anything she could get hands on for any reason at all and thankfully I have a father, but he's never ever home. I know what it feels like to feel so low that you just want to die and I feel so bad for him. I know nothing can excuse what he did, but if only he had a friend... My friends are the only reason I didn't take that path, I'm just sorry he had to take it.

Danny Smith said...

Huh. didnt expect to find a reference to homepage of the dead in an article like this.

ive been a member on there for 2 years ,and whilst the "right wing nutjobs" have dwindled greatly theres still one or two who, rather than talk about social commentary will spend a good page tlaking about the way a shotgun would blow a head apart...

i know, creepy as hell.

LoLoLocura said...

I know it's a tad bit late to comment this, but Freak and Monay... Jeff wouldn't have been interested in either of you. He had a girlfriend. Haha, he was a good childhood friend of mine, as were some of the other victims. He was dark and isolated, I loved him to death. He was like my big brother, we cared and looked out for eachother, well I cared and looked out for him. But he was stuck inside his head thinking the world was dark and cold. It hurt me to see him suffer like that, but it couldn't be helped. His life was hard, and his family was a pretty shitty one. My god, I HATE his family so much. Those gossiping aunts of his, UGH! I admired him in my younger years. He was 4 years older than me, and he went through similiar experiences as me. I eventually started dressing like him, I started sharing his beliefs about Hitler, I often critiized Christianity and America as a whole. I was incredibly impressionable. But when I learned of his death in school I broke out in tears, the television echoed his name. My dear friend Jeff was gone. I started wearing all black, to show my mourning. But my beliefs had been shaken, he died (as did others) for his beliefs. So would that mean that I would suffer the same fate? I don't know, it sounds so silly. I was 12 when he died, and I couldn't go to the funeral. My mom wouldn't let me, apparently it was because showing up to his funeral would have been a disgrace to our family. But even so, I wanted to show my remorse, I cared so much for him... but it wasn't enough. I look back at my younger years now and I laugh. I cut myself & tried to kill myself on several occasions. I even planned something similiar to what he's done. I was completely unstable, but I looked back, and remembered a boy named Jeff. It may sound stupid, but I then appointed him as the person I SHOULDN'T be looking up to. So I threw out my prozaq, zoloft, and other anti-depressant bullshit. I popped a lot of pills back then. I heard Jeff was on the same stuff so I got scared and stopped taking them. It's been two years since I've been off of pills, two years since I've had my revalation. I'm 16 years old, I've been through hell my whole entire life, I'm still going through it; the sexual abuse, the violent alcoholics, the dead beat father, social services trying to get their grubby hands on me. I hate it, but I still keep my head up. Jeff Weise was my friend, but he is by far no one I ever want to be like, he was no hero, no person you should be trying to idolize. He was simply messed up, and unlike the majority of you... I have my rights to say that. I loved him, I actually KNEW him. And regaurdless of what you try to say back Monay or Freak, he would have hated you stupid kids, he hated it when people whined about their lives. Yes, you're whinning, you're posting on a site in which no body knows you, claiming your life was hard to a bunch of strangers. That's typical for teenage attention seekers. Ha, losers. P.S. I wouldn't be fighting over dead guys anymore, it just makes you look like a stupid necro.

marcella said...
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